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Announcement for the contemplated asset sale auction process of Oltchim.
On behalf of Oltchim S.A. (Romania), in reoganisation under the Law 85/2006, represented by its judicial administrator, Rominsolv SPRL and BDO...
PRESS RELEASE - the incident occurred at OLTCHIM SA on December 12, 2017
PRESS RELEASE - the incident occurred at OLTCHIM SA on December 12, 2017 (pdf format)
The XXXV-th Romanian Chemistry Conference
You are kindly invited to attend the XXXV-th Romanian Chemistry Conference. The Conference will be held from Wednesday October 03, 2018 to Friday...

Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of April 27/28, 2017

Description Documents
Convening Notice of General Meeting Convening notice.pdf
Special power of attorney
Special power of attorney.doc
Correspondence Voting Ballot
Correspondence Voting Ballot.doc
Status of shares and voting rights Status of shares and voting rights.pdf
Documents and informative materials of OGMS
Materials regarding points 1 and 2:
- Unconsolidated financial statements+Auditor's report+Special Administrator Report - 2016

Materials regarding point 3:
- Consolidated financial statements+Auditor's report+Business Report - 2016

Material regarding point 4:
- Note on allocation profit achieved in 2016
OGMS draft decision
OGMS draft decision.pdf
Legally insuficient quorum
Legally insuficient quorum.pdf
OGMS decision
OGMS decision.pdf
Voting result
Voting result.pdf