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Sale of asset packages of Oltchim S.A.
Oltchim S.A. (the Company) will launch a competitive process for the sale of the assets of the Company, grouped in more bundles, currently being envisaged by the Company nine of such bundles.
Oltchim Asset Sale Auction Process
Oltchim S.A., the largest producer of chemical goods in Romania and a major producer in Central and Eastern Europe has launched an asset sale auction process for all or parts of its assets grouped in...
The XXXIV-th Romanian Chemistry Conference
You are kindly invited to attend the XXXIV-th Romanian Chemistry Conference organized by Research Center Oltchim, the Romanian Academy - Section of Chemical Sciences and Romanian Chemical Society....


December 10th, 2014

Innovative and Performance Products

OLTCHIM at UTECH EUROPE 2015, Maastricht Netherlands,
during April 14-16, 2015
We would gladly welcome you to our Stand No. 2200.


We will present:

1.   A wide range of Polyether Polyols:

  • Flexible Polyurethane Foams, versatility of form and function: slabstock foams (standard and high resilience; soft; high load bearing; viscoelastic) and HR molded foams;
  • Rigid Polyurethane Foams, energy - efficient and versatile insulations: refrigeration, sandwich panels; pipe-in-pipe; spray foams; wood imitations; OCF;
  • Semirigid Polyurethane Foams for automotive industry;
  • CASE products.

2.   New Polyether Polyols types:

  • ~ 4400 molecular weight Polyether Polyol triol with high Ethylene Oxide content designed for soft/ super-soft flexible foams and for viscoelastic foams based on MDI
  • ~2000 molecular weight Polyether Polyol diol with low unsaturation (low monol content) designed for high performance CASE products

Polyurethane foam made of Oltchim’s Polymer Polyol has a good opening-celled capacity and anti-scorching properties. Oltchim’s Polymer Polyol improves the physical and mechanical properties of the Polyurethane foam.

Our high regard for the Clients makes us to offer safe products, tailor-made and quality guaranteed.

Our products are registered in accordance with REACH (EC) 1907/2006 regulation.

We permanently act responsibly towards the environment. Our business aims at constant concern for environmental protection in order to eliminate emissions of greenhouse gases.