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Announcement for the contemplated asset sale auction process of Oltchim.
On behalf of Oltchim S.A. (Romania), in reoganisation under the Law 85/2006, represented by its judicial administrator, Rominsolv SPRL and BDO...
PRESS RELEASE - the incident occurred at OLTCHIM SA on December 12, 2017
PRESS RELEASE - the incident occurred at OLTCHIM SA on December 12, 2017 (pdf format)
The XXXV-th Romanian Chemistry Conference
You are kindly invited to attend the XXXV-th Romanian Chemistry Conference. The Conference will be held from Wednesday October 03, 2018 to Friday...

About us


OLTCHIM is a major producer in the chemical industry in Central and Eastern Europe.

Over time, OLTCHIM has proven technological flexibility and ability, backed by over 45 years of research and innovation, to provide competitive products.

OLTCHIM was founded in 1966 as the Chemical Works and since 1990 the company has operated as a joint stock company in accordance with Government Decision 1213/1990, by incorporating the entire patrimony of the former Chemical Works. OLTCHIM becomes a public company in 1997 by listing on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Premises of Oltchim location:

  • Existence, in the area of multiple mineral resources: salt, limestone, oil and gas, coal. Salt is the basic raw material for the chemical site technologies; salt deposit, located at approx. 8 km away, has an estimated operating reserve for about 100 years.
  • There is an important source of water, the Olt River at a distance of 0.7 km.
  • Close sources to supply ethylene and propylene, the main raw materials for OLTCHIM products through two underground pipelines 60 km in length each.
  • Easy access to road transport routes and railways - Direct connection to ports on the Danube and the Black Sea.



OLTCHIM has the advantage of a good geographical position in the proximity of developing countries, which offers significant potential for sales growth. Given the need to develop infrastructure and insufficient production capacities in the area, OLTCHIM is able to provide products that meet three essential criteria of competitiveness:

OLTCHIM Good price considering integrated producer status and reduced logistics costs;
OLTCHIM Quality, through its three dimensions:

  • Innovative (OLTCHIM products incorporates technical and technological novelties);
  • Technical (OLTCHIM products meet technological documentation);
  • Marketing (although acting on a highly competitive market, OLTCHIM is a strong brand);

OLTCHIM Prompt and quality services: services related to the selling process and after-sale service.

Ever since its foundation, OLTCHIM has undergone continuous modernization of production capacities and product portfolio diversification.

   - Chlorine
   - Hydrochloric acid
   - Sodium hypochlorite
   - Caustic Soda Liquid
   - Caustic soda solid (block, flake, pearl)

   - I-butanol
   - N-butanol
   - Octanol

PLASTICIZERS (dioctyl phthalate)



   - Polyether polyols for flexible foams
   - Polyether polyols diols
   - Polyether polyols triols for special applications (propoxylated glycerins)
   - Polymer polyether polyols (graft polyols)
   - Polyether polyols for rigid foams


   - S-PVC for plasticized and rigid processing with pharmaceutical and food application
   - Plasticized PVC
   - Rigid PVC