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Environmental Certifications


Oltchim activates in the chemical field, where pollution is inherent. Yet, we know that things can always be improved. Pollution can be reduced almost completely. This is our wish for Oltchim, a wish that has become reality even from the very beginning of the company.

We have focused on water treatment from the very beginning of our activity by using complex plants based on:

  • specific treatment according to the impurities
  • final correction plant, which purifies waste waters to a higher extent
  • biological treatment

Another issue that we have handled exceptionally, by establishing a standard in the field, is the one pertaining to the storage of solid and hazardous waste materials.

Water, Air and Soil


1991 was the year when we extended the environmental programs to the air and soil quality. We invested a lot in creating specialized laboratories with the aim of maintaining the water, air and soil pollution levels under control. All this with the purpose of keeping the impact of Oltchim on the environment at the lowest level.

Consequently, the following came into being:

  • The Air-Soil Control Laboratory
  • The Water Control Laboratory

These two laboratories constantly monitor the impact of the company on the environment. Laboratories jointly jointly collaborate with numerous institutes having one common goal, that of continuously improving the quality of the environment where Oltchim activates. We have thus introduced numerous innovations meant to transform in time Oltchim in a green company.


No environmental protection program is complete without the certifications regarding compliance with the current ISO standards. Efforts have been made so to comply with the standards ever since their publication. It was very important for Oltchim to be among the first Romanian companies to obtain such certification. In 1997, we succeeded.

Oltchim has improved a lot, obtaining the following certificates:

  • 1999 - ISO 14001/1996 The Environmental Management System Certification– the first certificate in Romania
  • 2000 - The Quality – Management Integrated System Certificate ISO 9001/1994
  • 2005 - The Quality- Environment Integrated Management System Re-certification ISO 9001/2004 and ISO 14001/2004


planting.jpgA real culture regarding the environmental protection comes from within the company. Oltchim invests in the education of the production team in order to develop the enthusiasm and knowledge related to the environment.

As early as 1995, Oltchim published the quarterly Ecological Newsflash that is distributed to all employees. However, since since learning and passion arise from practice, the policy of Oltchim is to directly involve the employees in all the programmes regarding the environment and the improvement of the environmental performance indicators.