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Announcement for the contemplated asset sale auction process of Oltchim.
On behalf of Oltchim S.A. (Romania), in reoganisation under the Law 85/2006, represented by its judicial administrator, Rominsolv SPRL and BDO...
PRESS RELEASE - the incident occurred at OLTCHIM SA on December 12, 2017
PRESS RELEASE - the incident occurred at OLTCHIM SA on December 12, 2017 (pdf format)
The XXXV-th Romanian Chemistry Conference
You are kindly invited to attend the XXXV-th Romanian Chemistry Conference. The Conference will be held from Wednesday October 03, 2018 to Friday...


Stage 1966 – 1970

May 15th - establishment day of Chemical Work Rm.Valcea  by Ministry Council Decision No. 1046/26.05.1966.

July - effective erection of the chemical work.


Works at the Oxo-Alcohols, Vinyl Chloride, Polyvinyl Chloride, HCH-lindane plants were initiated.

Works started at the Chemical School where were trained the future OLTCHIM's employees.


July 28th - first plant was commissioned: Electrolysis I .


The first graduates of the Chemical High School.

November 11th - Oxo-Alcohols I

December 16th - HCH-lindane plant


August 16th - Vinyl Chloride I plant, with a capacity of 40 000 t/year.

December 18th - Polyvinyl Chloride I plant, with a capacity of 36 000 t/year.

Stage 1971 – 1975

Chlorinated Solvents I plant.


Chlorinated Solvents II plant.

Electrolytical Caustic Soda (Electrolysis III) plant, based on mercury cathode and titan anodes, salt crystallization, caustic soda concentration.


Oxo-alcohols II plant

Vinyl Chloride II plant

Polyvinyl Chloride II plant

Stage 1976 – 1990

Propylene-Oxide plant, 10 000 t/year

Propylene-Glycol plant , 6 300 t year

Acid 2 Hexanic Ethyl, 100 t/ year

Vinyl Copolymers

Polysulphide Polymers (thiokols), 1 500 t/ year

Bi-component putties with liquid polysulphide polymers (thiokol putties), 500 t/year


Polyether-Polyols plant, 3 000 t/ year

Chloroethane,  8 000 t/ year

Polycarbonates,  400 t/ year

Methyl Chloroform  – 2 800 t/ year

Inactive isomers recovery  of HCH benzene 1 050 t/ year, Chlorbenzene 1 380 t/ year, Hydrochloric Acid 17 500 t/ year

Fosgen plant,  8 500 t/ year


Alkyl Amine plant – Diisobutylamine (DIBA): - 2400 t/year, Cyclohexylamine (CHA): - 3000 t/year, Secondary Butylamine (SBA): - 260 t/year

Tiocarbamic herbicides,  capacity: butylate -4 500 t/year, cycloate -1 465 t/year, molinate -150 t/year


N-ethylcyclohexylamine (NECHA), capacity: 1 000 t/year


Trimetylolpropane, capacity: 1 500t/year

Alphanaphthol plant, capacity: 2 000 t/year

Chloroformiates plant (of methyl, ethyl, octyl) – 1 500 t/year

Carbaryl plant (OLTITOX), capacity: 2 000 t/year


Alkylene Amine plant, capacity: Ethylene Diamines (EDA) -2 400 t/year, Trietylene Tetraamines (TETA) -250 t/year, Dietylene Triamines (DETA) – 760 t/year, Polyamines – 180 t/year

Ortophenylenediamine plant (OFDA), capacity: 600 t/year

Electrolysis based on diaphragm and titan anodes (Electrolysis IV), capacity: NaOH lye 102 500 t/year, Chlorine 90 900 t/year, Hydrochloric Acid 29 000 t/year


Alachlorine (mechloran) plant, capacity: 2 400 t/year

Methyltiophanate (METOBENE) plant, capacity: 1 500 t/year

Stage 1990 – 1995

The Chemical Work Rm Valcea became S.C. Oltchim S.A., a joint-stock company


Polyether Polyols for rigid foams plant (sucrose polyols), capacity: 1 500t/year (initially), 5 000t/year(subsequently)


Plasticizers plant (Dioctylphthalate), capacity:10 000 t/year

Tensioactive products (surfactants) for pesticide formulations, capacity: 800 t/year


2-etil hexilic ester of acid 2,4 D(OLTISAN), capacity:1 300 t/year


Quality Assurance Department was set up.


Small-size packaging  plant (0,5/1/5 l), capacity: 4 mil. items/year

Pesticides automatic packaging: Liquids, capacity:1 000 l/h, Powders, capacity: 300 kg/h

On June 2nd, General Shareholders Meeting approved the merger by absorption of the companies INCERCHIM S.A. Ramnicu Valcea, COMVIL HOLDING S.A Babeni, AVICOLA S.A. Babeni and CONSERVIL S.A. Ramnicu Valcea.

Stage 1996 – 2014

PVC cell panels plant  PANPLAST, capacity: 500 sm/day

PVC profiles for windows and doors RAMPLAST, capacity: 1 600 t/year


Thermo-insulating panels sandwich type OLTPAN, capacity: 150 000t/year

Pesticides formulation plant (concentrated suspensions and water emulsions (suspo-emulsions), capacity: 2 000 t/year

Modernization of industrial cooling production and distribution plants, stage I : - capacity 3 GF/h(-15 °C), 18 GF/h(+5 °C)

Certification  of Quality Management System according to ISO 9001/1994  by TUV SUDDEUTSCHLAND


Modernization Oxo-Alcohols plant (OXO-II) from the oxo-synthesis stage to the rhodium catalyser, capacity: 52 000t/year, out of which: Octanol -47 000t/year, Izobutanol-5 000t/year

Hydrogen Peroxide plant, capacity: 6 000t/year

Certification of Environmental Management System – the first certification in Romania -according to  ISO 14001:1996  by TUV SUDDEUTSCHLAND


Modernization of Electrolysis IV by conversion to ion exchanging membrane process

Caustic Soda concentration plant ; Caustic Soda flakes obtaining.

Waste incineration  plant with recovery of thermal energy and acid hydrochloric

Certification of Integrated System Quality – Environment

"J. M. Juran" Romanian Award for Quality


Modernization of water treatment and demineralization plant

"J. M. Juran" Romanian Quality Trophy for large companies


Plasticizers plant – Dioctylphthalate

Re-certification of  Integrated Quality-Environment System according to ISO 9001:2001 and ISO 14001:1996 by TUV SUDDEUTSCHLAND


Capacity increase at thermo-insulating panels type sandwich plant OLTPAN


Phthalic Anhydride plant

Caustic Soda Pearls plant


Modernization and capacity increase at Propylene Oxide plant

Capacity increase at Polyether Polyols plant

Modernization at industrial cooling stations – stage II (PVC I, PVC II, Propylene Oxide)

Modernization of SRA IV

Plant capacity increase for PVC profiles for doors and windows RAMPLAST

Re-certification of  Integrated Quality-Environment System according to ISO 9001:2001 and ISO 14001:1996 by TUV SUDDEUTSCHLAND

“Recognised for Excellence in Europe” Certificate awarded by UAQ-EFQM

2006 -

During this period were made upgrades and capacity expansions at existing process units : propylene oxide , polyether polyols , PVC , and were put into operation a new plant for wastes incineration and an industrial lime unit

In January 2010, OLTCHIM took over the assets related to the petrochemical business from Arpechim Pitesti .


As of 30 January 2013 Oltchim entered into insolvency proceedings


In September, Oltchim restarted oxo-alcohols production plant

In September, Oltchim was recertified on Integrated Quality & Environmental Management System